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Vinyl Signs and Stickers Products and Services

Design and Artwork

We have a full in-house design studio and can offer design and artwork services. Initial design and briefing consultations are free when done at our offices.

Vinyl Stickers for Sign Boards and Vehicles

Vinyl stickers and decals are made in two main ways, the first being a colour vinyl that's cut to shape using the colours needed to make up the artwork and overlaying each colour until the design is completed. The second is usually a white vinyl that's printed in full colour using Eco-Sol Max inks from Roland and then accurately cut to your desired shape by the machine and applied to the vehicle or sign board. As there are many types of sign substrates and frame options we suggest you ask us what materials will best suit your project. If you want to place the graphic over a window but still want to be able to see through the window, we have a product called "contravision". Contravision can be printed in full colour and can be applied to any window except the passenger and driver side windows and the front windscreen for safety sake. It can also be use on shop front windows allowing you to see out but showing your advert to anyone outside.

Below are some of the products we manufacture:

Signs, stickers, PVC Banners
Vinyl cut lettering & graphics
Digitally printed full colour stickers, any shape & size
Paper and vinyl labels
Personalised Wine labels
Personalised CD labels
Cromadek, Perspex, ABS, Komatex, Corex backing boards
Galvanised Steel Frames & Poles for larger signs
Epoxy Domed Stickers
Anodised Aluminium Plate
Brass Plaques
Vehicle Decals / Fleet Branding
Shop Front Decals
Vinyl licence disk holders
Estate agent boards (with or without frames)
Magnetic vehicle decals, rectangle or cut to shape
Large format full colour digital printing
Shop front frosting &/or tinting
Safety & Directional Signs
Customised Whiteboards
Laser Engraved Plastic Laminates cut to shape
Contravision (one way) vinyl print and application
Bumper Stickers
Hard Hat Stickers
Paper posters
Shiny Silver and Gold vinyl print, cut, application

NOTICE : WE CAN NO LONGER OFFER INSTALLATIONS FOR SIGNS OR VEHICLE DECALS - See vinyl installation page for DIY installation instructions - plastic squeegies if required, are available for purchase from our office on collection of your order.

Art Studio and Design Services
Design and artwork done in-house

Design and cut vinyl on Chromadek
Design and cut vinyl on Chromadek

Partial Wrap with printed cut vinyl
Partial Wrap with printed cut vinyl

Cut vinyl on galvanised frames
Cut vinyl on galvanised frames

Contravision on rear window
Contravision on rear window

Printed stickers for rubber duck boat
Printed stickers for rubber duck boat

Signs and Vinyl - more FAQs

Q. Will the vinyl sticker damage my paintwork?
A. High quality vinyl we use will not damage the paintwork but once the vinyl has been removed after a few years you may notice some fading on the uncovered sections and this is due to our hot African sun fading the paintwork.

Q. Where can I use these vinyl stickers?
A. They can be installed on many different surfaces, including painted metal found on cars, motorcycles, etc. The can be applied to glass, Plexiglas, Fibreglass such as boats trailers etc, painted wood, banners, plastics, and many other surfaces successfully.

Q. Can I install the vinyl graphics myself?
A. Yes absolutely anyone can apply a vinyl sticker but applying vinyl over a curved surface can get very tricky and is best done by an experienced applicator. We can supply a kit and instructions for you if you wish to do the application yourself.

Q. Can you make custom graphics?
A. Yes we can customise your graphics. You can either give us your completed artwork or our design studio can design graphic artwork for you.

Q. What file formats are best for artwork?
A. Vector artwork (CorelDraw, ai, eps) works best for us and will provide you with the best quality output. See our general information page for which specific files we can work with.

Q. What colour would look best on my vehicle or sign?
A. Choosing a colour can be very difficult. When choosing for a vinyl graphic to be installed on a window, keep in mind that the surface is naturally dark, so using dark-coloured decals would not be as visible. We have swatches of vinyl that you can choose from so contact us directly and we can help you choose a colour that's best for you.

Q. Do you have a pricelist?
A. Unfortunately, due to the changing prices of materials, and the varying job types, we do not keep a static price list. Please contact us for more information or to request a quote.