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Vinyl Signs and Stickers That Work

Grab attention by wrapping your car, bus or truck in vinyl stickers with your design, logo or any artwork you desire! While your car, truck or bus drives around you are getting thousands of impressions.

Signs make your business premises easy to find and see with great vinyl signs. Manufactured to last for years, it's a fantastic way to promote your company brand.

With our design studio we can offer everything from concept & design, digital artwork, commercial signs, full colour vinyl printing, stickers, banners, wine bottle labels, safety or factory signs, illuminated signs, vehicle marking and advertising, truck decals, fleet and commercial vehicle signs. An Ultra Violet light (UV) protective covering on outdoor signs ensures a long (3-5 years) printed life.

NOTICE : WE CAN NO LONGER OFFER INSTALLATIONS FOR SIGNS OR VEHICLE DECALS - See vinyl installation page for DIY installation instructions - plastic squeegies if required, are available for purchase from our office on collection of your order.
Sign ideas vehicle partial wrap using printed vinyl and cut stickers
Our own truck with partial vinyl wrap using stickers and printed vinyl.

Vinyl Signs on Cromadek steel and glavanised frame
Team erecting a Cromadek sign with vinyl stickers on a galvanised frame on our customers building

Printed Vinyl and then cut to specific shaped stickers
Printed Vinyl and then cut to specific shaped stickers or as magnetic decals

Car Stickers and Partial Vehicle Wraps Car Stickers and Partial Vehicle Wraps

This is a popular service we offer and creates a cost effective moving billboard to enhance your marketing exposure. Wether you're a one man business or the owner of a fleet of vehicles we have a design and product to suit your needs. Don't limit your vehicle advertising to just your company name. Let us design a custom high quality look for your car, truck or bus today!
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Vinyl Printing ans sticker cutting Vinyl Printing and cutting Stickers

No matter what your application, whether for your factory, shop window, restaurant, magnetic signs or any place where you need to get your message across in full colour, durable and reusable vinyl signs our Roland vinyl Print and cut machine can print out high quality vinyl stickers quickly and at a price you can afford!
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Signs and Vinyl FAQs

Q. Why should I choose you for my sign work?
A. We have been manufacturing signs and applying vinyl for over 15 years. We are very diligent in keeping up-to-date with the latest technology and can guarantee you excellent workmanship and the use of high quality vinyl.

Q. My artwork is in full colour, can you print this onto vinyl?
A. Yes we can print in full colour onto vinyl. We use an ink called Eco-Sol Max ink which has an outdoor life up to 3 years without lamination but longer if laminated. The vinyl itself will last more than 7 years.

Q. How long do vinyl stickers last?
A. It really depends on the grade of the vinyl being used. Budget vinyl (1-3 year) has a short outdoor life and is not really suitable for car wraps or outdoor signs. Intermediate vinyl (3-5 year) can be used for outdoor signs but is not suitable for car stickers. High Quality Vinyl (7-10 years) is great for all outdoor applications.

Q. Will I be able to remove the vinyl after a few years?
A. If a good quality grade of vinyl was used for the decals, then yes the removal of the vinyl will be relatively painless, however, some sign shops use budget vinyl and this type of vinyl can be very difficult to remove and if applied to an older vehicle, can damage the paintwork.

Q. I want to put a sticker on my windows but will I be able to see through it?
A. There is a product called Contravision which from the outside shows the printed artwork but from the inside is transparent with a slight tinted look. This product can be used on all the windows but not on the front windscreen.

Q. What is the minimum number of stickers I can order?
A. The minimum is one (1) but it may be more cost effective to use the full width of the vinyl. I would be best to discuss the best layup with us at the time of your order.